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Latest Articles

  • Cost/Value vs Building/Researching 26 May 2023 Approaches - Agile quadrants of high customer value vs low business cost and building software vs studying software
  • Idea & Artefact 26 Jul 2023 Approaches - Software starts with an idea which is communicated and refined through artefacts tested with heuristics and imaginations
  • Metrics 08 May 2023 Management - Assigning numbers to test processes including information or motivation; value vs cost; execution, reporting and setup; dysfunction and construct validity
  • Process 01 Apr 2023 Management - Process are repeatable tasks to achieve something modellable as flow diagrams
  • Motivation 26 May 2023 Management - Measurement management via theory X external vs delegation management via theory Y internal, plus values and relationships
  • Mentor 13 Sep 2023 Management - Process where seniors help/assist/teach/advise/guide juniors/interns/apprentices to onboard, upskill, achieve goal, get promoted informally/ad-hoc or part of a programme
  • 1:1 13 Sep 2023 Management - (One-to-one) Regular, private, non-status update, tester-driven agenda meetings to build human connections, trust and rapport with manager


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